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HW Testimonial

"Yeah. So. okay, so, what would you, as a physician, and somebody specializing in preventive health care now, what would you say to the guys that are always avoiding and procrastinating, thinking the problem is somehow magically going to go away by-- by itself."

"Yeah, well, that's what we all we all wish that You know, I think the main thing is to you is to find a physician that will listen."

JD Testimonial

Would you do it again? "Yeah, I mean if I Started having issues again. I would rather in a heartbeat. I would go through that again before I go through surgery, without a doubt."

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JS Testimonial

"I don't really think about that much anymore. I mean, it used to be a problem, but you know, it was a little bit. So I don't think about much anymore."

LG Testimonial

"I recommend is do some research, that's how I found out, you know, there are different things out there and you don't have to live with this retrograde ejaculation."

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RC Testimonial

"If you're having trouble going to the bathroom, and if it's more and more, seek out an urologist and get help."

SF Testimonial

"I think that basically upon learning that the bladder can easily die and it's irreplaceable, that I started looking at different options from least invasive to most invasive and I thought well I've got to do something because medication was not working and my urgency was getting stronger and stronger and I didn't want to end up with severe bladder problems."

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